How To Cut Laminate Flooring?

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Laminate flooring involves the use of often clear synthetic material as an alternative to natural flooring like wood or stone, for instance. The laminate floors are layered upon each other in a straight row sequence establishing a firm and solid floor surface.

Interestingly, laminate flooring itself is a by-product of natural wood. The wood, having undergone sufficient polishing, is then fused with lots of pressure. The result of this intricate sequence of events is laminate flooring.

Among homeowners, laminate flooring is increasingly becoming popular. It is a comfortable and less expensive to install alternative to most other types of flooring surfaces.

Cutting laminate flooring is as intricate as making it. Although it is a simple task that anyone, even inexperienced homeowners, can attempt, it requires a certain level of commitment and skill.

Care must be taken, however, because laminate flooring is made of thin materials that can break easily or at least disintegrate by chipping it. You don’t want to do that. What you want to do is make clean, professional slits across the surface of the board.

What Do I Need?

To successfully cut laminate flooring, you will need a few tools. These tools will assist you in achieving your desired results.

1. A Handsaw (Circular or Jigsaw)

A handsaw will help you make cuts across the board. There are several variations of the handsaw, however. The jigsaw will make curved cuts across the edges. A circular saw, on the other hand, is useful for making straight cuts.

2. A Pair Of Working Gloves

As a result of the nature of the materials in use, there is a high risk of getting ‘stung’ by shards of chipped boards. Hence, the gloves. The gloves protect your hands from possible harm.

3. Pieces Of Chalk

You will also need pieces of chalk. A marker may also be used, but chalk is more suitable for the job. Chalk is easily cleanable. The purpose of the chalk is to mark the areas where the cuts are to be made.

How To Cut Laminate Flooring

There are two ways of cutting laminate flooring. Both ways depend entirely on what you desire the laminate flooring for:

1. For Straight Cuts

For straight cuts, you will need a circular saw. Most people go into this unadvisedly and end up making chipped cuts all along the edges of the laminate flooring. To avoid this, you must make sure that the blade of the saw enters the board in an up-to-down sequence. This reduces the risk of chipping drastically.

You can also lay the laminate flooring on a strong, sturdy surface such as a table. The table will make sure you have a balance on the laminate flooring and a clear line of sight. If this is done, the chipping is reduced to the barest minimum.

2. For Curved Cuts

This is slightly more difficult to navigate. Naturally, a jigsaw is required for the job. A jigsaw makes cuts with a reciprocating action. This instantly makes it the best possible option for making curved cuts. Place the saw right across the centre of the board and make your cut. You must be careful, however, as doing this too quickly may damage the laminate flooring.

Steps To Cutting Laminate Flooring

Now, you possess the know-how on the types of cuts you could make on laminate flooring. You’re now going to find out how to go about the cutting. These steps require utmost attention and a slight misstep may result in chipping. No one wants that.

Step 1: The first step is to decide how you want to cut the laminate flooring. Do you want it in a circular shape? Do you want it in a rectangular shape? Answering these questions will certainly help clear the mind for the task that is ahead.

Step 2: Now that you have a clear view of what you want to do, you will need to make use of the chalk. With the chalk, mark the edge of the laminate and then draw to the other edge where you want the cutting to end. Doing this will help you saw through the laminate flooring with ease instead of randomly making unclean cuts.

Step 3: The next step is the most important. Now that you have made a clear path for your saw, you will need to cut accordingly. Be careful, though, as this is where it gets interesting. Align your saw with the very beginning of the line of the chalk. Cut slowly in a repeated up-down motion until you get to the edge. If you do this correctly, you will see a well-cut laminate flooring with minimal chipping.


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